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Bake Sale 2

 Bake Sale


Bake Sales Step by Step

A bake sale can raise money for your group as well as enhance your profile in the community. These ideas and planning tips will help you have a great one, start to finish.

Your group has cooked up a winning recipe to raise cash for your school: a bake sale! Generations of parent groups have fit this time-honored tradition into their fundraising calendars.

A bake sale can be as simple as a few plates of cookies and a cash box or as elaborate as an auction featuring celebrity bakers. However you choose to conduct your bake sale, this guide will give you step-by-step instructions, checklists, and creative ideas to make it your most successful one yet.

Why Have a Bake Sale?

A bake sale is a relatively low-cost way to bring in money. Your group can hold a bake sale with little cash outlay. Chances are good the products will sell. Homemade goodies are hard to pass up, especially when they’re reasonably priced and profits are going to a good cause.

But bake sales do more for a parent group than bring in funds. They heighten your group’s presence in the community. A well-advertised bake sale reminds parents of your existence and the work you do on behalf of their children’s school. A bake sale fundraiser also allows many people to contribute.

A successful sale requires an organizer, bakers, workers, and, of course, customers. Time-strapped parents who are too busy to volunteer for school activities are often able to bake a batch of cookies or donate store-bought goods. Those with more availability can get involved organizing and staffing the sale. Volunteering on a low level reinforces the ties among families and the parent group, making your group—and your kids’ school—that much stronger.